Easing into Retirement

Overall, retirees are a contented bunch, and many report being happier in retirement than they were when working. Older adults are less likely than younger people to experience major depression, says Brent Forester, president of the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry. Nonetheless, retirement often involves significant losses of identity, purpose, structure and social contacts that … Read More

Achieve Your Goals

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of setting goals only to lose sight of them in the rush of daily life, then realize later that you’ve made little progress. When it comes to certain kinds of goals—ones involving health or personal improvement, for example—that’s pretty common. And it corresponds with what science has revealed about what … Read More

Planning in Times of Uncertainty

Keep your most important priorities in mind. Step back and consider what’s really important to you, whether it’s integrity, caring relationships, financial security, your health or your family’s wellbeing. When you’re faced with change and uncertainty, revisit your plans and goals with those priorities and values in mind. Perhaps some of your plans are less … Read More

Mental Health Habits to Improve Your 2022

Start a gratitude journal. Recording positive things about your day, whether major achievements or simple pleasures, can reduce stress, improve sleep and even foster better relationships by building a sense of empathy. Take five deep breaths. Changing your breathing pattern can bring your body back into balance decreasing stress, pain, blood pressure and increase immunity. … Read More

Make The Holidays Your Own

And with a blink of an eye, it’s that time of year again. Look at a calendar and you’re presented with pictures of the perfect holiday scenarios. There are kids playing in the snow, large families happily gathering around a feast and lovestruck couples exchanging gifts in front of a fireplace. The pressure is on … Read More

Managing Grief During the Holidays

The holidays are known as a time for joy and togetherness. However, for people who have lost a loved one, this time of year can bring pain and sorrow. This year, COVID-19 has not only left many grieving the loss of loved ones but living through lost jobs, financial freedom, and interactions. While most do … Read More

Being a Friendship Coach for Your Child

Children aren’t born knowing how to cooperate, share and communicate. These are learned skills, and parents play a big role in helping children learn them. Many of the skills of good friendship must also be learned. When children struggle with them, parents can help by playing a coaching role. Different children have different needs for … Read More

Improving & Enhancing Morale

One of the goals of any leader is the ability to improve morale. But how do you do that in difficult times? How do you make members of the team feel appreciated and optimistic about the future when raises are minimal or nonexistent and budgets are tight? COVID-19 has also contributed to increases in anxiety, … Read More

Keeping Track At Work When Vacation Is On Your Mind

Perhaps if you could pitch a beach umbrella in the middle of the office, it would help you feel better about spending the summer behind your desk. Everyone, it seems, is on vacation. Everyone except you. Here are tips on remaining sunny when it seems as if everyone else is at the beach: Start building … Read More

Rebuilding Social Connections Post-Pandemic

Rebuilding Social Connections Post-Pandemic

The experience of emerging from isolation after a pandemic is new for all of us. Over the last year, many people have become accustomed to the habits of isolation. Depending on where you live and how far along vaccinations are progressing, society may be in various stages of reopening for good. Here are some considerations … Read More

Improving Your Child’s Online Safety

For decades now, the internet has become a part of our daily lives. Having children grow up in a connected world is both exciting and challenging. Teaching kids safe online habits is crucial for today’s parents. Additionally, parents need to be able to effectively monitor their children’s activity and limit access to potentially dangerous parts … Read More