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Cocaine overdose deaths climb in the US

While opioids and marijuana consistently grab headlines, cocaine use and overdoses continue to climb. After a period of stability between 2009 to 2013, cocaine-induced deaths rose by 27% per year, on average, from 2013 through 2018, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The age-adjusted rate of drug overdose deaths nearly … Read More

Guidance: Revised Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form

The DOT has published the following important notice: DOT GUIDANCE ON THE REVISED FEDERAL DRUG TESTING CUSTODY AND CONTROL FORM August 31, 2020 AGENCY: U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) ACTION: Changes to the revised Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form SUMMARY: This guidance document discusses changes to the revised Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control … Read More

FMCSA Expands Guidance on Random Testing Compliance for CY2020

July 7, 2020 FMCSA has published the following important notice: NOTICE OF ENFORCEMENT DISCRETION DETERMINATION: RANDOM CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE AND ALCOHOL TESTING July 6, 2020 AGENCY: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), DOT. ACTION: Expands Guidance on Random Testing Compliance for CY 2020 SUMMARY: FMCSA issued guidance to employers regarding 49 CFR Part 382, random drug … Read More

FMCSA Pre-Employment Testing Notice

FMCSA has published the following important notice: Three-Month Waiver in Response to the Economic Consequences of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency—To Relieve Employers of Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers Subject to 49 CFR Part 382 from Certain Pre-Employment Testing Requirements June 5, 2020 AGENCY:  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), DOT. ACTION:  Grant of waiver. SUMMARY:  FMCSA grants … Read More

Authorities Warn of New Street Drugs

Authorities Warn of New Street Drugs

Three new street drugs are appearing in communities across the U.S. and authorities are alerting the public. Crack Cocaine & Meth In Rio Grande, the Police Department is warning about a street drug cocktail, which is a mix of crack cocaine and methamphetamine. Dealers are selling it as regular crack cocaine, which carries a low … Read More

2020 DOT Random Testing Rates Notice

ODAPC’s web site has been updated to reflect the CY 2020 random drug and alcohol testing rates. You can also view the CY 2020 random testing rates in the attached document. 2020_DOT_Random_Testing_Rates_Notice

Tips for Fighting Holiday Depression

As the holidays approach and another year comes to an end, many enter a period of reflection. Reflection can offer an opportunity to revel in the events of the year, or it can cause us to be consumed with self-doubt and regret. Fortunately, the challenges that come with managing depression during the holidays are not … Read More

World Mental Health Day 2019: Focus on Suicide Prevention

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every 40 seconds, someone loses their life to suicide. Join us in raising awareness of suicide, the impact it has on people around the world and the role each of us can play to help prevent it. One of the major causes of suicide is mental illness, which … Read More

Marijuana with car keys

Statistics Around Medical Cannabis Users Operating Vehicles

According to a new survey of medical cannabis users in Michigan, more than half of the 790 respondents said they’ve driven under the influence of cannabis within two hours of using it at least once in the last six months. Driving under the influence of marijuana can be risky due to delayed reaction time and … Read More

Random Testing Rates for 2019

“In the fourth quarter, US Department of Transportation (DOT) agencies and the Coast Guard publish their annual minimum drug and alcohol random testing rates for the next year. Federal employers must comply with any changes to the random rates beginning on January 1. However, changes in random drug test positivity rates are a bit more … Read More

Transit Industry Random Drug Testing Rate to Increase January 1, 2019

On October 17, 2018, the Federal Transit Administration issued a “Dear Colleague” letter announcing that effective January 1, 2019, the minimum rate of random drug testing will increase from 25 percent to 50 percent of covered employees for employers subject to FTA’s drug and alcohol regulation. This change is due to an increase in the industry’s … Read More