America’s Opioid Crisis

The United States is in the midst of a public health crisis. Opioid abuse is currently one of America’s top health epidemics, taking mothers, fathers and children, destroying lives and breaking up families. In fact, it is the 2nd highest killer of young people. This serious epidemic must be addressed in our homes and workplaces.

As highlighted in a recent article by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), Americans show that they favor medication assisted treatment to address opioid abuse over legal enforcement. Many Americans believe access to illegal opioids and painkillers is easy, while one in five millennials think it is okay to share prescription medication. To read the full article, click here:

Many contributing factors to the opioid crisis include unlimited and unmonitored access to multiple prescribers, misuse and abuse of painkillers, expanded uses of opioid therapy, longer life expectancy, the ease with which illicit drugs can be obtained, and drug dealers actively targeting youth.

There are many steps employers can take to not only control their health plan costs with regard to opioid abuse, but also help their employees/dependents get the help they need. To learn more about implementing a tailored and comprehensive drug testing program, click here to contact Safety First.